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Car Customization : Drop Kits

We have a huge variety of lowering kits for improved handling and stunning looks. We have customized drop kits to fit your exact vehicle. AllStar is your utlimate body shop for all your drop kit needs.
There are several benefits of lowering your ride. Your vehicle will look more sporty with a drop kit. It reduces the body roll because the center of gravity is lowered. Hence you also get a faster steering response.

Lowering your vehicle gives you better aerodynamics! Since there is less space between the road and the bottom of your vehicle, less air will be going under the vehicle. Hence this will reduce the wind drag. Ever wondered why sports cars sit so close to the ground?
Once you have decided to lower your vehicle you also need to stiffen your suspension. As the vehicle is close to the ground there are more chances for it to hit the road which can be prevented with a stiff suspension. AllStar knows what your car needs and hence we take all necessary steps to ensure that you get the best out of your vehicle.