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HID Lighting | LED Lighting

HID Lighting

Your visibility will be much better with an HID kit installed in your vehicle as compared to normal headlights. HID headlights increase your visibility upto 3x more than halogen headlights. Sports cars come with factory installed HID headlights, why settle with normal headlights for your car?
Find your right HID kit at AllStar AutoSalon.

LED lighting

AllStar LED lights produce an ultra glow and have high durability. LED lights are super bright and small and hence they can go anywhere!
You can get the most innovative LED lights at AllStar AutoSalon at the best prices. We have a huge variety of single color and multi-color options for your car or motorcycle.
AllStar AutoSalon's interior, exterior and underbody LED lights give your vehicle a unique and custom look.