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When it comes to collision repair, customization of your vehicle or auto glass replacement All Star Auto Salon has got you covered.  All Star Auto Salon has been specializing in collision repair in the Dallas For Worth are for several years.  We’ve managed to stay in the business by providing quality work without any surprises, and our customer service is top notch!

All Star Auto Salon provides the following services:

Collision Auto Body Repair – We handle all types of collision auto body repair no matter what the severity and extent of the damage is.   We have experience in all aspects of auto body repair from getting out small fender benders to major overhauls.

Custom Body and Paint Work – We don’t just fix things that are broken!  We also specialize in custom paint jobs and custom body work.  If you can dream it or point out a color we can make it happen.

Paint Service – Looking for a quality paint job that won’t set you back a lot but looks fantastic.  All Star Auto Salon is competitive when it comes to pricing a paint job for most vehicles.

Auto Glass Replacement – Whether you need a window, a mirror, or a windshield replaced All Star Auto Salon can get the glass order and replaced quickly.  We have access to several different vendors when it comes to glass and can find a match on just about any type of replacement that you might need.

Car Customization  and Special Effects:  Need a lift kit installed?  How about a suspension lift?  From raising, drop kits and  lowering kits to ground effects, lighting, and other vehicle special accessories All Star Auto Salon has the parts that you need and the expertise to get them installed all in one shop.

All Star Auto Salon can help you work with your insurance company and fill out most of the paperwork.  We’ll work with your insurance company to facilitate the claims process and get your vehicle back in your possession good as new!  We also can help with towing, car rental, parts and everything else you need when it comes to an automobile accident.  Give us a call today and let us be your Dallas Fort Worth body shop.